Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What makes me happy!

Long ago when I initially began making bows and tutus and whatnot I did it because it made me happy and relaxed (and I didn't want to pay full price at stores for something I could do myself). Since then I had turned it into a business, did special orders, vendor shows, parties, you name it. Over time I realized that it was becoming more of a stress than anything. I no longer enjoyed sitting down and turning tulle into a beautiful little tutu or ribbon into a cute bow. All I could think about were deadlines, inventory, publicity, and profit. This was definitely not what I had in mind when I started. The longer it went on, the more I realized that my favorite part of it all was the smile on the child's face when she put on her new tutu or how excited the mother would get when that infant cocoon set was all done. So I kept going because I loved the end result. But the stress was still there and with 4 kids, going through NICU with our last, and now just everyday life; I find that I don't want the hassle of it all. I just want to do what I love and give it away so that others might enjoy it!

I just want to go through life doing what I love, and what makes me happy. Crafts are one thing that makes me happy. Being able to make others happy, makes me happy! So now I have the best of both worlds!!! I am able to do my crafts and make other people happy at the same time. So...from here on out I will be posting tutorials on how to make all of the items that I once sold so that others might be able to benefit as well. This may take some time, so bear with me. But eventually I want to have tutorials on not only the product I used to sell, but also the things I just like to make. 

All of the infant cocoon sets that I will be making from here on out will all be donated to Loma Linda University Medical Center, and Ronald McDonald House. That was where our little Sophia was after she was born. The entire staff was so wonderful and we couldn't have gotten through our struggles without their constant support. We stayed for a short time at the Ronald McDonald house while she was in the hospital and would not have been able to see our little miracle everyday if it wasn't for them! So I would just like to give back to them and say Thank You! Thank you for helping those families in need. Thank you for having a supporting staff! And thank you to all who donate their money and time to these two wonderful places! There are no words that can describe how much it means to the families with children who are in the hospital. 

As far as our little Sophia goes...She is now 17 months old, perfectly healthy and a little firecracker!  She enjoys playing with her 2 older sisters and older brother, her cousins, and her best friend Cindy (our dog). There is not a day that goes by that I don't think back on the time we spent at the hospital and how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication of all those who helped us on our journey. We met some other wonderful parents and created friendships that will last a lifetime!

So, however small my donations may be they are done with great love!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Okay, quick update...We are back in California and Bit O' Brittany is back in business! So glad to be back home. It has been such a crazy ride this year! 
As for my business...I have been crazy busy trying to get everything together because I have my first vendor show in over a year coming up on September 6th 2014! 
I will be at Vendorpalooza at
12284 Industrial Ave. #3B
Victorville, Ca. 92395
from 4-8pm.
Come on out and get 25% off your total purchase when you book a mini session with Becca Faye Photography, whom I will be sharing a booth with! She really does amazing work! I have an album on my facebook page of some pics she has taken for me in the past. You can reach my facebook page at 

Also, if you see any product that you just can't live without, just head on over to my etsy shop and place an order! I will be adding more items to the shop all week, so if you see it on facebook and it isn't up there yet, don't fret. I will get around to it, as long as my children permit me time. :-) You can reach my etsy page at

Here are just some of the items that I have been working so vigorously on. Please comment below and let me know what you think! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Paper Roses finished!

How to make Paper Roses

So, I am making the centerpieces for my sisters wedding that is coming up in June and I just wasn't satisfied with the selection of silk flowers that was out there. I needed red roses, but not the longstem kind (the ones that look like buds), and if they were bloomed, they were too big. And me being the crafty person that I am, decided "Why don't I just make them myself?" So that is what I am doing. And where do I go for inspiration and hopefully a great how to video? Youtube of course! I found several good how to's, and tried out 3 different style of roses, but they just weren't exactly what I was looking for. So I took what I liked best out of the 3 and made my own. This is my first real tutorial so please bear with me.

You will need:

paper of your choice
crochet hook
glue gun
5 petal flower punch or cutting machine
also, a babysitter or your husband to watch the kids because you won't want to stop making them. :)

Here it goes:
This is what the final product will look like. (when I start putting the centerpieces together I will probably do a tutorial on that too!)

In order to get the flowers I used a 5 petal flower template that I had on my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine.

I put as many on a sheet as I could, sized at 2.5 x 2.5 in. If you want a larger flower just increase your flower size.

I used normal copy paper in red 8.5 x 11. I've seen most other people using cardstock, but I wanted to be able to manage my petals a little better.

This is what they look like once they are cut.

And once they have the excess paper removed.

I made sure to use a template that had a small hole in the center for when I add my jewel at the end. Okay, for each flower you need 5 cutouts. If you want a more full flower you could do more, but I wouldn't recommend more than 7 unless you are doing a larger flower.

For this next step you will need a long rounded tool. I used a crochet hook. You could use the end of a paintbrush, a pen, whatever you have really.

For the inner most layer you will want to wrap each petal around the hook so that it almost folds.

It should look like this once you are done. Set that aside for now. We will be working on preparing the rest of the petals before we get to the assembly.

You are going to take 3 out of 4 of your remaining flowers and curl back each petal using your hook.

They should look like this once they are curled.

The last flower will be opposite. You will curl your petals inward toward the center instead.

It will look something like this.

Okay, so now you will take 2 of your 3 petals that are curled out and fold the petals toward the center.

They will look like this when finished.

Now that your curling and folding is finished for now, this is the order they will go in. Far left will be the base or final layer while the right will be your bud or starting point.

To make your bud take your far right flower that you folded the petals around the hook of and bring your 2 petals together. They should be every other one. *You will start every flower layer with these 2 petals. Pull them together using the over under method. (Like closing a cardboard box)
Wish your glue gun put a small amount of glue on the outside of one side of one petal then fold the other petal over securing it in place. Then flip the flower over and do the same to secure the other side. It should make a small bud like this. (Sorry I didn't take a pic of exactly where I put the glue, but I'm sure you fine folks can figure it out) Now doesn't that kind of look like someone giving themselves a hug?

Next you are going to take the bottom 2 petals and put a small dab of glue on them towards the bottom of the petal and fold them up to continue with your bud.

This is how close I like to get my glue

All that you have left for this layer is your top petal. Should look something like this.

Then once you glue the top petal this is what you should have! Hooray!!! 

What I do next is roll the 3 outside petals with my hook just like I did with the layers earlier.

It will look something like this. Not real pretty right now, but will look great once It's all done. 

This is what the bottom of your bud will look like. Notice how it looks like a pentagon? Keep this in the back of your head because every time you add another layer on you will want to line up the points of your pentagon to the flower petals of the next layer. (point faces petal)

Next, grab your next layer in your line and add just a small amount of glue surrounding the hole in the center. Make sure to align your bud layer so that the point faces the petal.

It will look like this

Next, you will start gluing the petals up toward your bud by placing a small amount of glue at the base and holding it there for a moment. Make sure you do the every other method first.

Then glue the bottom 2 then the top.

Your second layer is now complete and should look similar to this.

Move onto your next layer and glue everything the same as you did for the previous layer

3 Layers

Remember your 4th layer had the opposite petals. For the bottom 2 layers I like to add just a little more glue when putting them together since you won't need to glue the petals upward.

Once It's together should look something like this

Your last layer should have petals facing toward the ground and no folds in it.

I added the most glue to this layer so that the whole flower is very secure.

This is your final product! Yay you did it!!!

Don't think I forgot! :-) I wanted jewels in the center of mine, but I also needed a way to stick them into syrofoam balls for my sister's wedding, so I got creative. I used the flat top toothpicks and a small rhinestone for the centers.

I just put a tiny dab of glue on the flat end and centered my rhinestone to the top.

Once it dried I poked the other end through the tip of the bud; and here's where those tiny holes in the center of the flowers comes in handy.

Just push down through the holes in the flower until you are able to pull from the bottom end. Pull until your rhinestone is flush with the top of your rose bud.
And there you have it!!! The final product.
From here I may add some glitter to the petals. I haven't decided yet, but you can now make these for just about anything. Use them as bows for presents, scrapbooking, wall decor, just about anything. But don't stop there... you can lively it up with some patterned paper, some inks, you name it. Have a ball!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Please leave a comment with your feedback and let me know if this was helpful at all. I would love to hear from you all! If there is anything you would like to see let me know, or even send me some pics of your own flowers you made. Thank you all! Can't wait till these are all done!

Wanted to post the pics of the finished product and give a huge shout out to my beat friend Brittne and her mom Suzi for helping me finish them all. I could not have done it without you!